So many people think that if you quit your current job, take a vacation for 3 months to see Europe and come back that you won’t be able to get a job at your current salary or that you will not be employable. Well, I going to give you some […]

Negotiating Your Salary After Taking Some Time Off

Being a Greek-American whose parents hail from the island of Crete, I have had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful island many times in my life. ¬†(14 or 15 times? I forget). ¬†There are many great beaches, beautiful mountains, plenty of nature and excellent food – both from the sea […]

A Review of Balos Beach, Crete

I was going through some of my notes, and found the following 6 steps to “riches” from when I was reading the book by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich. Now, let me say this, by riches, he is not only referring to money, but he is also referring to […]

Think and Grow Rich – 6 Steps