Think and Grow Rich – 6 Steps

I was going through some of my notes, and found the following 6 steps to “riches” from when I was reading the book by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich. Now, let me say this, by riches, he is not only referring to money, but he is also referring to things like health, friends, peace of mind…etc.

  • Step 1 – You Must Have a Specific Goal
  • Step 2 – Specific Time to Achieve That Goal
  • Step 3 – You Must Write Down your Goal
  • Step 4 – Develop a Plan
  • Step 5 – Decide the Price You Are Willing to Pay
  • Step 6 – Think About Reaching Your Goal Everyday

Some tips for implementing this:

  • Buy a small moleskin notebook.
  • Write down the date at the top of the first page
  • Write down a bunch of tasks with a checkbox to the left
  • Each day complete as many tasks as you can, check the box after you are finished and cross out the text of the task
  • As a new day comes, repeat the steps above – write down the date and carry over whatever tasks you still think are worth it to the new date.
  • You can also do this on a weekly basis.
  • For example, you want to fix the scratch on your car, you write it down under Monday,  you do nothing on Monday, you carry it over to Tuesday and the same thing until Friday.  On Friday you decide that fixing the scratch on your car is not that important, so you cross it out and don’t carry it over to Saturday.
  • An alternative is to put these long term tasks/goals on the last page of the moleskin book, and to work backwards.
  • You can also take uncompleted tasks and split them up in to smaller tasks that can be completed, for example:
    • [ ] Fix Car
    • can be replaced with
    • [ ] Find list of auto body shops near me
    • [ ] Call “Body Shop A”
    • [ ] Call “Body Shop B”



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