Negotiating Your Salary After Taking Some Time Off

So many people think that if you quit your current job, take a vacation for 3 months to see Europe and come back that you won’t be able to get a job at your current salary or that you will not be employable.

Well, I going to give you some quick tips on avoiding this situation, and some advice on dealing with it.

So the recruiter or headhunter will tell you every excuse/reason for why you can’t ask for more money and why they will offer you less.  You will counter with the following:

  • I am worth $150k per year, if this employer can pay this amount, but is not willing to pay this amount I will hold out for a better offer from another employer.
  • I am worth $150k, and if this employer starts me at $120k, I will probably leave after 6 months and go to another employer who will pay me $150k.
  • I am worth $150k, and if this employer starts me at $120k, I will get burnt out soon and will not do great work.  This great work will end up hurting the employer more than it will hurt me.  Ever hear of technical debt?
  • Since I took 3 months off and traveled Europe, I have expanded my mind and personality in ways that other employees of said firm have not.  I will be a more interesting person to work with and will come up with ideas that others have not, all because I took some time off and traveled Europe.
  • Since I took 3 months off and traveled, I am fully relaxed, have that “vacation glow” and will have a lot of energy to do good work, and will be a vibe of life to my surrounding.


Also, for this to work, you have to actually be able to survive without taking an offer.  That means wherever you are now, you have to save money.  You have to save enough money so that you can survive for at least a year without working.  If that means downsizing your apartment, getting rid of things that you don’t need, then do it!

And finally, be well educated in what you are worth.  If you are in Technology aka a Computer Programmer, read every single salary guide you can find, go to and see the ranges, and finally go to the Robert Half Technology Salary Guide


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