Why You Should Not Work Overtime

I know very few people who work exactly or less than 40-hours per week.  Add a 30-minute break and 1-hour commute each way, and you have very little time to spend with your family, your wife, your kids… etc. They say that we have overtime laws, but we never seem to use them.  Everybody with a college degree is an “exempt employee”, those without college degrees work for something just above slave labor, and often times they have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet.

I have also noticed that most people “turtle” throughout the work day, they procrastinate, and don’t get to the point. Leaving things unfinished, to finish later, almost as if they know that even if they get the work done early, they won’t be able to leave early.

Additionally, I have noticed that many times I am the first one to leave “without apologies”.  And then one day I was listening to a clip on YouTube of Matthew McConaughey where he tells the story of a guy who is “too hung over to drive his kid to an 8am baseball practice that he promised him a million times he would”.

That got me thinking about what happens to neglected kids that don’t spend enough time with their parents? Well… those kids get depressed, and I’m not talking about “clinically depressed”, I’m talking about micro depressed where they do things such as rebel and perhaps bully other children, spend time with the wrong kids, and other things that only grow with the child as it gets older.  These kids are probably more prone to things like drug use, poor eating habits, and crime.  All, at the root of it because their father or mother wasn’t around to play a game of catch with them in the backyard.

So, every time you work overtime, you are not only contributing to “peer pressure”, causing others to stay late, you are contributing to a little kid’s parental neglect.  You are also contributing to a neglected spouse, increasing the changes of a divorce, which increases the chances of parental neglect of a child.

If you can’t get the work done in 8 hours, then you are probably not suited for the job.  If the job requires more than 8 hours worth of work per day, then your employer is using you to avoid hiring more people. Spoiler alert, it is usually the later and not the former.

If your job is an “open-concept” workspace, your employer did not do that because they wanted “ideas to flourish and be exchanged”, they did that because it costs less, knowing full well that it decreases your productivity, which probably causes you to have to work more than 8 hours per day.  This then bites in to the time with your family, but your employer doesn’t care, because it doesn’t show up on their bottom line…

So tell your manager you want to work 6, 7 or 8 hours per day, and that if they can’t provide you with that, you will have to leave and find another employer.  And if you can’t find such an employer, join your local union.

By the way, there exists a computer programmers union – the Washington Tech Alliance – get in touch with them and join – https://washtech.org/.

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